Ron Gayer

I was born in Michigan. I moved out West when I was seven years old. Lived in Texas, Arizona and California. I have spent my entire life hunting the West. I have lived in Kern County, California from 1966 to present. (Except for 3years 9months and 12 days in the U.S.Navy, but who’s counting.) Have a degree in History with a minor in marketing. That means I can talk to you about the Civil War or help you develop a marketing plan.

After a bout with cancer I made a left turn in life, got rid of my employees and business and decided to produce video marketing programs for outfitters. I worked in British Columbia, Canada and eventually started an outfitting business of my own in Colorado. I have guided hunters in California, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. We hunted Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Hogs and Turkey. I truly love hunting elk during the rut as well as those spring turkeys. 

My all time favorite experience as a guide is taking hunters on their first big game hunt. Working for 8 years as the Hunt Coordinator and guide for Tejon Ranch I have had the privilege of hunting with many adult and junior hunters on their very first turkey, deer, elk and hog hunts. I have hunted so many hogs I lost count years ago. I do have some experience field dressing the beast. Would you like to place a bet on who can field dress a hog faster, you or ME?