The “E” ticket Tree Stand


By Ron Gayer


The mid-day monsoon was in full flower as it had been every day this week. Lightning bolts flashed across the blackened New Mexico sky as the rain pounded a staccato drumbeat on the canvas of my tent. The rain brought with it a wonderful fresh mix of sage pinion pine and juniper aromas. Continue reading

Campfire Ring


Ron Gayer


I turned the pickup’s motor off. I stretched out my arms and took a deep breath of the mountain air. Uncoiling my body from the cab, after a fifteen-hour drive, I stepped out of the truck into a campsite as familiar as my living room. After all, we have hunted out of this camp for many years. Continue reading

No Laughing

This Is No Laughing Matter


By Ron Gayer


During a turkey season not too long ago, I had a funny thing happen. Now, when I think of this hunt and hunter, I just have to smile.


It was about mid season when I met this hunter. For the sake of my story, we will call him Bob that is easier than calling him Farnsworth or Lancelot. I must change the names to protect the innocent.

  Continue reading

Sure is Dark



Published in the R.M.E.F "Bugle"




Ron Gayer


When you work as a guide or outfitter each week of the season brings changes. Last weeks hunters have packed up and gone home. A new batch of wide-eyed hunters has arrived. Having waited months or years for the chance to hunt big game, some are giddy with the excitement of being in camp. It shows with the non-stop stream of words, some in the form of questions others detail their past success as hunters. Continue reading

A Survival Kit You Can Live With



Published in NRA's "American Hunter"

A Survival Kit You Can Live With



Ron Gayer


 As a guide and outfitter, I have found lost hunters on several occasions. Most carried only their rifles. Some did not even have a knife. But all told the same story, “When I left my car I thought I would only be an hour or two, then I got lost”.


To be a survivor and not a statistic in a field emergency, you need a survival kit you can live with. As hunters are rightly concerned with the weight they carry afield, your first order of business must be to keep your survival kit light by limiting it to the essentials. Next, develop the habit of taking your survival pack with you every time you go into the field. Lastly, learn how to use your survival equipment properly. Remember, knowing how to use your equipment is as important as having it! Continue reading

Tea Time Buck

Tea Time Buck


Ron Gayer



Our lungs were burning with each breath we took of the cold Colorado air. The Elk herd was still feeding on the steep side of the ridge. The pace of their drifting had quickened. They were making for the trees and the safety of the dark timber.

My hunting partner, Daman, was first to see the herd. Don’t ask me how. It was so dark I was having trouble seeing my horse’s ears. Continue reading

You Get What You Pay For Elk Hunt

You Get What You’ve Paid For On A Self-Guided Elk Hunt


By Ron Gayer



Do you have what it takes?


When economic times get tough, hunters want to save a dollar or two on their already expensive habit. A top quality guided elk hunt can run $7000 give or take a few thousand. So the question is: do you have what it takes to plan and execute your own do-it-yourself elk hunt? Will you save thousands of dollars? Or is it folly to attempt an out-of-state elk hunt on your own?


After watching “Elk Chronicles” on TheOutdoor Channel, you and a few hunting buddies decide you want to tackle your on-your-own, first time Colorado elk hunt. Continue reading

Predator Hunting

Predator hunting basics
Here are the tools to get you into one of the fastest growing segments of the hunting community.


By: Ron Gayer

The sky to the East was now noticeably lighter. I could make out shapes but colors were still shy to the eye. I had been sitting 20 minutes in the chilled morning air, sequestered behind some silhouette-concealing brush, with the strong smell of sage filling my nostrils. I was experiencing a peaceful quiet of the predawn desert, something those who sleep in will never know. Continue reading

Hog Hunting A to Z: The Guided Hunt

Hog Hunting A to Z:  The Guided Hunt
How to pick a guide or outfitter
    Check current references
    Ask questions about the hunt.
    How much walking is involved? Up hill or down?
    Accommodations and food?
    Meat handling, do they have cold storage?
    What about a taxidermist
     Guide license?

What to do before the hunt
    Sight in your weapon. Practice!
    Make sure you have the right ammo for the gun. And zone
    {Condor range}
    Have the proper tag and license
     Pack weather appropriate clothing
    Hunting boots!
         Ice chest?

What about during the hunt
     Do you have any physical limitations?
     What kind of a hog do you want?
     Field dressing.  You or me?
     Listen to your guide!

After the hunt loose ends
    Collect all of your gear!
    Completed tag with carcass.
    Unhappy or all smiles, tell it like it is!

Ron Gayer

New Website

Well here we go.  I want to make my website work better on every level.  I hope the changes will give all my hunting friends and others an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and a way to look at and buy photos, videos and merchandise.  Let me know how you like the changes and offer your ideas and input.

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