Hog Hunting A to Z: The Guided Hunt

Hog Hunting A to Z:  The Guided Hunt
How to pick a guide or outfitter
    Check current references
    Ask questions about the hunt.
    How much walking is involved? Up hill or down?
    Accommodations and food?
    Meat handling, do they have cold storage?
    What about a taxidermist
     Guide license?

What to do before the hunt
    Sight in your weapon. Practice!
    Make sure you have the right ammo for the gun. And zone
    {Condor range}
    Have the proper tag and license
     Pack weather appropriate clothing
    Hunting boots!
         Ice chest?

What about during the hunt
     Do you have any physical limitations?
     What kind of a hog do you want?
     Field dressing.  You or me?
     Listen to your guide!

After the hunt loose ends
    Collect all of your gear!
    Completed tag with carcass.
    Unhappy or all smiles, tell it like it is!

Ron Gayer 


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